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Mohammed Ghani

CEO & Managing Director

With 35+ years of experience in Software Development, Implementation and Technology Management, Mohammed Ghani is the cornerstone of CheckMark. He brings a relentless drive for innovation and a passion for technologies applied to small businesses. 

Sayeeda Ghani

COO & Senior Vice President

Sayeeda Ghani drives the sales, support, marketing, development, product, quality control and administration of CheckMark. With her extensive strategic and leadership expertise, she helps shape the company strategy with market trends.

Nadia Ghani

Vice President of Applications

Nadia Ghani is responsible for improving and enhancing the quality of software products and applications to ensure that they function properly and efficiently at the optimum level.

Bhavani Tadepalli

Senior Software Director

Bhavani is responsible for the overall development life cycle of the solutions and manages complex projects with significant bottom-line impact. She also provides technical leadership in the vision, architecture, coding, and maintenance of software.

Sadiya Begum

Assistant Managing Director

With an MBA in Finance & HR, Sadiya is an exceptional leader, team player and talented in project management, scheduling and accounting. She is responsible for managing finance and overall operations at India office.